FPSDC, Philippines

The Federation of Peoples’ Sustainable Development Cooperative (FPSDC)is a federation of organizations established in 1998 with membership of 170 cooperatives and civil society organizations in the Philippines.

FPSDC provides financial and non-financial services to empower marginalized sectors through its core promotion of its 4P’s advocacy, ensuring the development of stakeholders (People)and the preservation of the environment (Planet), while ensuring economic viability and equitable growth (Prosperity)), in the hope of promoting harmonious coexistence within and among communities (Peace).

The Co-op Ville is one of FPSDC’s responses to build sustainable communities. It is a resettlement community for victims of Typhoon Sendong hit the Philippines in 2011. The FPSDC Co-op Ville houses 130 families on 2.5 hectares of land in addition to a multipurpose hall, courtyard, health center and education center. The federation is now building a bed and breakfast in the village to serve as a self-reliant business opportunity for the community.

NEDAC and FPSDC will support member organizations to become more efficient and effective in their operations through technical assistance, trainings, and facilitating strategic partnerships with other organizations and initiatives, including advocacy support on sustainable agricultural and engage in activities that take into consideration sustainable development – people, planet, prosperity and peace.

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