CDA, Philippines

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) is a proactive and responsive lead government agency for the promotion of sustained growth and full development of the Philippines cooperatives for them to become broad – based instruments of social justice, equity and balanced national progress. It was established in 1915 with the mission to ensure the safe and sound operations of cooperatives.

CDA supports more than 19,000 micro and small cooperatives with a focused intervention of trainings, they initiated implementation of“big brother” and “small brother” coopto assist inaccelerating the development ofthe micro and small and noncompliant cooperatives. They promote the products and services of cooperatives, also, facilitate business matching through coop market or roadshow. They have a major role in developing cooperative sectors in Philippines.

The cooperatives sectors are important for job creation, resource mobilization, investment, and sustainable progress. Therefore, NEDAC is working with CDA and the Philippine cooperatives to strengthen the cooperative sectors and give a better quality of life in both economic and social.

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