IFFCO, India

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO)is one of India’s biggest cooperative society which is wholly owned by Indian Cooperatives founded in 1967 with just 57 cooperatives.

The Marketing Division of IFFCO has the herculean task of providing fertilisers to the corners of India, reaching farmers who live in some of the most challenging terrains and locations in the worldto improve production efficiency and life of the indian farmers.Today, with a vast marketing network of over 36,000 Indian Cooperatives with diversified business interests, it reaches more than 55 million farmers in India.IFFCO has embarked on several expansion and diversification plans to increase its fertilizer production capacity. That made it the first rank in the top of 300 Turnover/GDP in the 2020 edition of the World Cooperative Monitor.

With IFFCO vision to increase crop productivity of farmers through the balanced use of energy efficient fertilisers; maintain the environmental health; and to make cooperative societies economically and democratically strong for professionalised services to the farming community to ensure an empowered rural India, NEDAC can provide technical support on cost-effective technologies/innovation and sustainable development to enhance the efficiency of the fertilizer production and use.

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