Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Cooperatives Ltd. (KUSCCO) is the umbrella body of savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs) in Kenyaregistered in 1973 to advocate for a level environment in which SACCOs can operate in. Thus, KUSCCO is actively engaged in all advocacy issues affecting growth and development of SACCOs. It promotes their networking and collaboration with stakeholders at both local and international level.

KUSCCO offers SACCOs and other cooperatives financial and technical assistance, tailored to largely benefit the middle and low income earners both in Kenya’s rural and urban areas which is a significant fraction of Kenya’s population that drives the country’s economy through the small and medium enterprise (SME) engine.

As KUSCCO is the premier property finance institution with a variety of products to suit the need of individual and corporate members, NEDAC can master the cooperative movement in Kenya through KUSCCO and coordinate with NEDAC members to facilitate farmer needs on investment, credits and savings.

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