Keynote Coop Talk Series II Fish Feed Business: Updates on the Aqua Feed industry in China

Small players can survive in the aqua feed industry due to the difference of market segmentation.

24 May 2021 / Zoom Conference Platform

NEDAC Keynote Coop Talk was organized for the second time as Series II on 24 May 2021 through Zoom Conference Platform. The talk was organized to share various agricultural aspects of different countries to enhance capacity of the agricultural cooperative sectors.

Aqua feed industry in China was briefly presented by the keynote speaker, Dr. Houguo Xu, Senior Researcher of Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute (YSFRI), Chinese Academy of Fisheries Sciences (CAFS), China. Aqua feed in China is mostly distributed to freshwater fishes such as Grass carp, Crucian carp, Common carp and etc. which 83% is pelleted feed. Marketing strategies of aqua feed companies, and prospects and challenges of the aqua feed industry in China was also highlighted in the talk.

“Chinese Government is supporting aqua feed industry by providing fund on nutrition research on aquatic animal to develop the aqua feed production. Also, the aqua feed companies in China are tax free because, in China, agricultural sectors play an important role by creating job opportunities and ensuring food safety and supply”, said Dr. Houguo Xu during the Q&A session.

Dr. Houguo Xu highlighted the small farmers or cooperatives that while big feed company is getting bigger but not for small players that are not supported by the government, however, the market segmentation is different in the different local areas, especially remote areas, where are more suitable for small companies that can negotiate and survive in this specific areas.

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