Keynote Coop Talk Series I Welfare of Society and Cooperative Movement

Well-being of people in society is basically the welfare society.

29 April 2021 / Zoom Conference Platform

The very first NEDAC Keynote series: Coop Talk Series I on Welfare of Society and Cooperative Movement organized on 29 April 2021 via Zoom Conference Platform. The Coop Talk Series was organized to share the story and experience relevant to agricultural cooperative from the views of different countries in Asia-Pacific region, NEDAC invited Md Kamal Uddin Talukder, Former Federal Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development and Cooperatives Department, Government of Bangladesh as the first distinguished speaker to share overviews on Welfare of Society and Cooperative Movement in Bangladesh.

Mr. Talukder addressed that “well-being of the society is basically welfare society, and it’s introduced along with democratic adopted by the people” during his explanation of the welfare society. “Cooperative movement in Bangladesh started with forming a group of people to develop agricultural sector and economy of the country after the Independence. People were trained, given the equipment and fertilizers, and some research work were done to develop their own products and support each other”, he added. Cooperatives really play a major role in providing welfare to the people in Bangladesh. That is a big model to the world in cooperative movement.

Bangladesh Government is supporting the agricultural cooperatives in funding on research and trainings to drive social starter and ensure self-employment and self-sufficient. One successful project initiated by the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, is “one house one farm”. The project was funded by the government with the corporation of the rural savings bank where farmers can visit and learn the farm model, then request for the credit to build their own farm.

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