Meeting with the new Chair of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Philippines

Focusing not only agricultural cooperatives but also the allied sectors is a perfect match of NEDAC and CDA.

1 December 2021 / Zoom Conference Platform

It was great opportunity of NEDAC to meet with Usec. Joseph B. Encabo, new Chair of Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Philippines, proactive and responsive lead government agency for the promotionof sustained growth and full development of the Philippines cooperatives, with participation of other cooperative organizations in the Philippines; Ms. Tetay Plantilla, FPSDC and Ms. Divina Quemi, NSCC. The meeting was conducted to discuss on promotion of cooperative to cooperative trade, capacity development programs, and study visit in Philippines proposed in the last EXCOM meeting.

Usec. Joseph addressed that “I look forward to strengthening the relationship and partnership among cooperatives between India and Philippines. Also, capacity building of member countries and around the world. The new CDA with strengthen advocacy is focusing not only agricultural cooperatives but also those stakeholders who can contribute to the welfare of agricultural cooperatives”.

“NEDAC is really excited for the initiatives and drives of the new team of CDA which is perfectly matched with NEDAC work plans focused not only agricultural cooperatives but also the allied sectors. Also, Philippines has recently intellectual contributions in a big way on NEDAC activities”, responded Mr. Sundeep Kumar Nayak, Honorable Chairman of NEDAC.

As NEDAC and Philippines collaborated the first international cooperatives trade fair in 2019 which received lots of delegation from Philippines, NEDAC plans to organize it with contribution of Philippines cooperative organizations. After the COVID-19 restrictions eased, NEDAC hopes that physical meeting can be held and the study visit in the Philippines would be able to happen. CDA proposed their planned activity namely “CDA Global” which will be launched next year. The cooperatives can promote their products to the international market through online shopping platform. NEDAC was also requested to be part of promoting of the program to other member countries.

The meeting was an opportunity for CDA and NEDAC to work together with other stakeholders for the benefit of promoting the agricultural cooperative sectors. NEDAC can support and provide the neutral platform to support CDA in its future plans and efforts to engage with cooperative more efficiently. It was a fruitful meeting discussing on every matters with the initiative of NEDAC and great cooperation of the CDA. The action plan for a short term is adopted by CDA, the review and discussion would be conducted before organizing those activities.