The first meeting of NEDAC Committee on Agriculture Cooperatives and Food Security

The first meeting of the NEDAC Committee on Agricultural Cooperatives and Food Security was convened on 5 June 2021 to plan various activities under this Committee

05 June 2021 / Zoom Conference Platform

The meeting was held to discuss on the objectives of the committee and the activity planned at the end of the month; an online training programme on Emerging Technologies in Agriculture and Allied Sectors for Cooperatives.

The committee is chaired by Dr. Dileep Sanghani, Hon. Vice Chairman from IFFCO and Vice Chaired by Mr. K.B. Upreti, Chairman, NCBL, Nepal. The meeting had 10 participants included the Committee members, the Department of Cooperative Development of Government of Sri Lanka, the Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives Philippines, the National Cooperative Development Corporation India, the Rural Development & Cooperatives Department of Government of Bangladesh, the Asian Institute of Technology Thailand, APAARI Bangkok, FAORAP and others.

The meeting was started with the introduction of participants. Then, the objectives of the committee were explained by the Honorary Director NEDAC, Dr. K.R. Salin. He also presented the details of the first activity planned, including the broad thematic areas of the program, suggested resource persons, participant profile, and registration fee structures. All participants provided some suggestions on the activity and were looking forward for the participation.