NEDAC Keynote Coop Talk Series 4

Sustainable agricultural mechanization for sustained future.

NEDAC Keynote Coop Talk Series is back on track! The fourth in this series on “Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization: Opportunities for Agri-based Cooperatives” was organized on 26 March 2022 at 3.30 PM (India Time) via Zoom Conference Platform and was attended by several NEDAC members. The speaker was Dr. Peeyush Soni, Associate Professor from Agricultural & Food Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India.

The main objective of this event was to share easily understandable information/experiences on topics related to agriculture and allied sectors under various thematic areas for NEDAC members and their associates.

In his presentation, Dr. Peeyush Soni provided an overview of Agricultural mechanization, which is to increase productivity and decrease production costs at the same time. He explained that Sustainable Mechanization is all about adopting various innovative strategies for modernizing the agricultural sector at different levels for a sustained future, considering technical, economic, and social aspects. The need for mechanization in Asia and the Pacific region for agriculture was also demonstrated with examples for agricultural cooperative organizations in the region.

A lively discussion by the participants followed during the Q&A session. Agricultural mechanization in their respective countries was highlighted by exchanging ideas and methods of agrarian practices among NEDAC members.

Dr. K.R. Salin, Honorary Director of NEDAC, moderated the session, and Ms. Rasita Srikerdkruen, Program Manager, NEDAC, proposed a Vote of Thanks.

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