The first meeting of NEDAC Committee on Mainstreaming Solidarity Economy in Global Forums

The activity plan for the next term was discussed with suggestions from the committee members.

27 December 2021 / Zoom Conference Platform

The meeting under the committee was held for the first time to discuss on the activity plan for the next term. The committee is chaired by Mr. S. Aliakbarkhani, CEO of Central Union of Rural and Agricultural Cooperative of Iran (CURACI). Ms. Tahmineh Kashani, MD representative facilitated and translated the message from CURACI during the meeting.

The meeting was started with brief introduction of the activities of CURACI by Mrs. Tahmineh, followed by the introduction of the participants. The activity under this committee was suggested to be held in February 2022. It can be a training program on social solidarity economy, suggested by Mrs. R. Vanitha from NCDC. CURACI suggested to generate sustainable initiatives for employment/job opportunities and market and traceability. Mr. Hanamashetti from NAFSCOB added suggestion on research study which is related to the committee objectives.

Mr. S. Aliakbarkhani hoped that CURACI can play a major role to develop agricultural cooperatives especially in rural territories. With the insight from Iran, that would be great additions to the objectives of the committee, said Honorary Director NEDAC, Dr. K.R. Salin. Lastly, Dr. K.R. Salin summarized the meeting, and the meeting was closed.