A delegation led by Mr. Dileep Sanghani, Chairman of IFFCO, India visited NEDAC office during a trip to Bangkok, Thailand

IFFCO delegation – the first visitors to NEDAC office after COVID-19 pandemic.

20 May 2022

Bangkok – Mr. Dileep Sanghani, Chairman of Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd. (IFFCO), India led an IFFCO delegation including Mr. Tarun Bhargava, General Manager (Coop. Relations), Mr. Krishan Goenka and Mr. Vishal Singh, who visited the NEDAC office in Bangkok, Thailand during his official trip from 20 May 2022.

Mr. Phanuwat Wanraway, Director of Foreign Affairs, Cooperative League of Thailand (CLT) – the National Apex Organization of the cooperative movement in Thailand – also joined the visit.

Ms. Rasita Srikerdkruen, Program Coordinator of NEDAC greeted the visitors with a flower bouquet and traditional Thai souvenirs. The visit was intended to forge greater collaboration among IIFFCO, NEDAC and Thai Cooperative institutions for working together in various developmental initiatives. This visit also signifies an end to most of the travel restrictions, which makes it possible for NEDAC to resume the physical meetings and various capacity development programs in line with the NEDAC Work Plan.

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